Junior Robotics Software Engineer

(Published May 13th / Deadline June 15th, The Hague).

Are you passionate about working on cutting edge robotic and AI technologies to clean our beloved beaches? Then we can use your help!

bb senseglove.png

In the role of robotics software engineer at TechTics you will be working on cutting edge technologies to let humans interact with robots to clean small litter on beaches. With your skills and experience in the development of (robotics related) software components you will contribute to development of a unique beach robot. This role allows for implementing both existing research, as own novel ideas into usable (ROS) software components. You will join a young and ambitious team that has a strong drive to introduce new robotic and AI applications to shake up the status quo around how we keep beaches clean. We need your skills and enthusiasm to work on one of our current projects which is part of an approved MIT R&D Collaboration Project and the Do IoT (5G) Fieldlab.

The project focuses on the development of a new version of our BeachBot (www.project.bb). Main development challenges are to improve the control of the mechanical arm and gripper of the robot and the creation of a custom tele-operating software including a real time federated learning feedback loop that enables live training of the AI model. Together the new technology should enable an operator to intuitively control the robot and enable fast, precise pickups of objects the size of cigarette buds. The end goal is that doing so can speed up the learning process of the robot and its detection in order to create an autonomous as possible (semi) autonomous cleaning robot.


  • Minimum of 1 year of working experience in Computer Science, Robotics, Electrical Engineering or a related field
  • Experience with the development of (embedded) software for industrial robots
  • Experience with ROS (basic understanding)
  • Experience with Linux-based microcontrollers (Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson Nano)
  • Outstanding skills in Embedded programing to connect the servo and stepper motors to the microcontroller
    (Mobile) Networking architecture skills
  • Programming languages: Python, C++
  • Excellent communication skills. Ability to work independently and become a problem owner
  • Ability to define and realize your own goals.


  • Zero hours - on-call contract
  • Flexible working week

Edwin Bos (Co-founder)